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Proprietary Ads Software & Personal Account Manager

Industry Leading KDP Ads Software

Our unique ads management software helps manage every keyword, every search term, distributes your budget optimally at least once per day.

Dedicated Niche Expert Account Manager

Human touch is essential for optimal account management. We assign a KDP ads expert to ensure your books get the sales you want.

Detailed Reports Keep You in the Loop

Bi-weekly reports keep you updated with everything happening in your account. Easy to understand and actionable, no jargon.


Mastery Demands Focus.
That’s Why We’re Different
and Certified

AdsDroid isn't your standard, diluted service.

We are laser-focused experts fine-tuned to deliver one thing and one thing only: stellar paid advertising for KDP publishers. 

We managed $3.0M in ad spend last year alone.

Whether you have fiction, non-fiction, low, medium or high content books, we’ve got you covered.


Check out Laz's results,
working with AdsDroid for 2 years!

Laz Viera

$50k+ self-publisher

If you're trying to have a massive breakthrough with your publishing business this year, then you're going to want to listen to this.
Whether we like it or not, ads are a major component of scaling our revenue in our publishing business.
But what do you do if we spend most of your working time, like me, publishing books, being competitive, and building your publishing brand?
Fortunately, that's where AdsDroid comes in with his fully hands-off ads management.
I've been working with AdsDroid for the past two years and he's easily helped me scale to 50k a month and we're looking at six figure months pretty soon.
I can confidently say I would have never been able to say that until I partnered with them.
Alongside that, they're great and quick with communication, eager to respond, happy to help with any questions around ads, and ultimately, here to help you scale.
I'm looking forward to continue working with AdsDroid while knowing my ads are in good hands.
If you're on the fence about working with AdsDroid, don't be.


Brian Chang

Best-selling author
Publishing coach
Spent $500,000+ on Amazon Ads

I'm a publisher and I've used AdsDroid since the very beginning, when Ivan started the service.
One thing that differentiated AdsDroid from other services that I've seen is that AdsDroid is designed by a publisher for publishers. 
That's separates AdsDroid significantly because other ads companies
are focused on FBA and other products, so they may not understand the different strategies needed for books.
Ivan has all that experience because he was a publisher before and also a coach.
This helps to make the service very easy to use and also Ivan understands the ins and outs of publishing.
I've used AdsDroid for a while now and I'm super happy with the service. 
I've also learnt a lot on how to improve my books and also how to make adjustments in my ads.
Just one new technique that Ivan taught me and AdsDroid applied to all my ads has helped me make over $2,000 in extra profit, just like that!
Overall, I'm super happy with it and I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody.


Angelika Hoffman

$10k+ publisher

I just have to say that AdsDroid has been instrumental in getting me to success very quickly

I am happy to report that I just hit $10,000 for the month a few days ago and it's not even the end of the month yet!
Today I'm at like $11,000 plus and I'm just so thrilled to have found AdsDroid.
As a newbie I didn't want to waste time on learning curve of Amazon ads and so I was willing to invest in advertising and I'm so glad I did.
Advertising management just has been just profound in helping me grow really quickly.
I'm only 5 months in with my first book and I've hit 5 figures in 1 month already so I'm just so excited.
I'm already working on my second book and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next with AdsDroid help. We're about to approach Q4 so I just feel like the possibilities are endless!
I highly recommend using AdsDroid and I highly recommend coming into it with an investor mindset and also just really keeping your mind open to the possibilities.
Because anything is possible if you do things properly on Amazon and hit that magic algorithm.


Will Warren

Manager of multiple brands

So with Ivan, even though my ad spends higher than it usually is, I have noticed that my profit is actually been a lot better with Ivan.
That's because Ivan understands publishing and he's been able to position my books in a way to get organic sales.
I really just trust him and it's nice to just leave your ads with someone and just let it be.

Ivan really makes this business model passive.
I publish a book, get the reviews, give it to Ivan, and that's really all I have to worry about.
He's also great about filling you in and letting you know what's going on with the ads if you ask.
Another thing that's really, really underrated that Ivan does is he absolutely capitalizes on those free promo days such as Cyber Monday or Prime Day. I've noticed it on those days his service literally pays for itself because he's able to boost my books in a way that I wouldn't be able to do.
I have a lot of books that I manage and having Ivan managing all those books takes so much time off my hands and if you really want your ads to be the best, you have to be constantly micromanaging them and I just don't have the time to do that.
So Ivan's really good if you're looking to scale your business and focus on other aspects of publishing.
And for me, Ivan is just an absolute no-brainer and I love the service.
Thank you so much!

why work with us?

Over 500+ Successful Book Launches and Still Counting

Automated Book Launches

You set the budget; we handle the rest. Your sales rise, and Amazon’s algorithm pushes your book’s rank higher, all without lifting a finger.

Rapid Campaign Creation

Need multiple campaigns for a new book launch?
Just email us the ASIN.
You'll see comprehensive campaigns live in no time!

Account-wide Keyword Harvesting

Your high-converting keywords aren’t confined to one market; we scale them across all markets for you, amplifying your sales in every Amazon marketplace.


A 24/7 Ads Engine, Designed for You

When we say AdsDroid lives and breathes Amazon Ads, we mean it.

Our round-the-clock, fully customizable management service and software ensures your ads are always at their peak performance. 

Your results will speak for themselves—increased sales, minimal effort. 

Fully outsource your Amazon Ads to us today!

why work with us?

Outsmart Your Competitors Effortlessly, Everywhere

Global Success, Simplified for You

AdsDroid doesn't just work in one marketplace or language; it conquers them all. We'll dynamically reallocate your budget for maximum effectiveness, milking every last drop of ROI for you.

Proactive Keyword Targeting

We find the keywords your books are naturally strong in and aggressively target them. Your sales escalate, and you didn’t have to do a thing.

Unmatched Support, Just for You

Need help or have questions? We offer both email and video call support to keep you in the loop, without demanding any effort on your part. You focus on creating; we'll handle the rest.


Check What Our Clients Say

Edward Fahy

AdsDroid has been a life saver! Not only has it reduced my ACoS AND my ad spend (whilst simultaneously boosting sales), but it’s also given me back the hours and hours I used to spend managing my ads every month – freeing up some much needed mental capacity.
The bottom line is this:
AdsDroid will make your ads more profitable and will take you exactly no time to manage – it's an absolute no brainer investment.

Samer El-Toka

I'd like to thank AdsDroid and Ivan for all their help with my Amazon Ads.
I've been in self-publishing for about 2 years right now.
After 6 months I could tell that my ads were totally out of control, spending over $10,000 per month and the sales were not aligned.
I reached out to AdsDroid and started working together.
Within 2 months the costs dropped over 40% while the sales only dropped 10%!
AdsDroid optimized all the "bad sales". They've sent me charts, showed me what campaigns and keywords are working.
Now, I just communicate the ACOS I want and he takes care of everything!
I only check my campaigns once a month and all of the day to day are taken care of AdsDroid and Ivan.
Thank you for all the hard work and I look forward to continuing our partnership!

Matheus Felix

Before AdsDroid, I was spending 6-8 hours a week, optimizing my ads... it was annoying, there were a lot of spreadsheets, a lot of keywords, that I had to track.... I like the vision that Ivan has for the software.... it's been helping me a lot, my ads have been profitable since I started working with them... it's amazing, because AdsDroid optimizes 24/7, and I'm completely hands-off. If I want to change anything, I just message Ivan, he's the guy you want to be talking to when it comes to Amazon Advertising.
It's been a great experience so far. For any publisher out there that's struggling with ads and spending a lot and wants to get their hands off all those numbers, then I highly recommend AdsDroid. It's been fantastic. Better than any software I've used so far.
Thank you, Ivan. And thank you AdsDroid.

Cody Smith

AdsDroid has been an absolute game changer for my ads. Ads are a huge time commitment. You have to babysit them if you really want them to do really well. And as a writer, as a publisher, as someone who has other things that I need to focus on, AdsDroid, honestly, was one of the better decisions I made for my publishing business.
Because I can't compete with what it can do 24/7 monitoring all my keywords for all my campaigns for all my books, it doesn't get much better than that. It is absolutely worth every penny. It's worth the burden, it takes off your shoulders. It's worth the optimization that goes into really streamlining your marketing. You're pretty much hiring an employee to come in and manage for you.....
AdsDroid honestly is a game changer. I can say that much. I can't really say anything bad about it. It has honestly been a huge asset to my business and it'll be for yours.
So I highly, highly recommend it.


AdsDroid Wall of Love


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More Happy Clients

Zsoka Balogh

I published my first book 5 months ago.
I am a media buyer professionally and I look after high spend client profiles on Facebook, Google and TikTok.
You may be wondering why I outsourced my Amazon Ads to AdsDroid.
I know how much time, effort and money are required to master an ad platform.
I started running Amazon Ads myself but I quickly realised that strategies which work on the platforms I knew did not work on Amazon.
I trust the AdsDroid algorithm because it doesn't make emotional decisions.
AdsDroid has maximized my results on Amazon.
So far I am very happy with the service. The communication is great, the team is super nice and I will definitely stay since my ads are doing so well!

CJ Doniego

I've been working with AdsDroid and Ivan for over 1 year now. They've helped me scale my business to over 8k!
AdsDroid has freed up so much of my time.
I don't spend a single second working on my ads.
Having them allows me to focus on other areas of my business which will help it grow.
Ivan is super easy to talk to, and super helpful.
If you're looking to outsource your ads, I highly highly highly highly recommend AdsDroid.

YaoYao Sun

This is my 3rd month with the service and so far so good!
I can now focus more on my publishing business itself.
Before, I would be looking at all the numbers of my ads getting more and more frustrated as I didn't know what to do. I barely look at them now!
I check once in a while to make sure the ACOS is under control.
If I need anything, I just shoot an email and it's sorted. They have great communication. I even get a detailed analysis of the ads with the reply.
The communication is very open. I love this service! It has been great!
My ACOS has been performing very well, it's very stable and my sales have grown. I hope they'll grow more.
I will be using this service for as long as I'm in the publishing business!
Thank you!

Tim Zengerink

I want to give a huge shout out to AdsDroid!
I've tried everything to optimize my ads before collaborating with AdsDroid.
I tried using software, hiring freelancers or even using ridiculously expensive FBA Ads Agencies.
Nothing has come close to the results I'm getting with AdsDroid!
Doubling my ad spend while lowering the ACOS and launching several new books, ranking them way faster than before, while being more profitable earlier on.

I'm seeing Q4 numbers in the summer!  
Cannot recommend AdsDroid highly enough!
If you're a publisher who wants a fully hands-off experience and squeeze out as much profit as you can from your books then you should sign up with AdsDroid!

Lionel Kubwimana

I want to say thank you to Ivan recommend his services.
We've been working together for my books.
I was amazed by how quick and easy it is to set up his tool. I just gave him access to my to my Amazon ads account and he could understand what my books were all about and start advertising.
The results were amazing like in a very short amount of time.
So this helped me to free a lot of time so I can focus on more on publishing and creating new books in my series.

I could understand what was doing well or not.
Anytime that I couldn't understand something or understand the results, I just sent an email and there was a very fast response.
So yeah overall like a really good experience working with him so far.
If you're thinking about it, don't hesitate to reach out to him.

Tiziano Cesaretti

I want to give my feedback about AdsDroid.
Ivan lifted a huge weight from my shoulders!
I don't have to think about ads anymore. This is extremely valuable because it can be overwhelming to handle the whole publishing process from book creation to covers to promotions. Basically, the ecosystem which you have to build if you want to get serious in this business.
I would not think twice about getting this service!
You won't wake up rich overnight, but with some time, things will get better and better and you'll start to see good results.

Jemma Roedel

I published my first book over 18 months ago and have been using AdsDroid for over 1 year.
I've gone back to work now and I've not been able to look at my ads at all.
I don't have to stress or even look at the ads and they just make money now, which is great!
AdsDroid will manage all of the new books I have coming out.
Any questions I have are answered quickly and explained well considering I don't know all of the ads jargon.
If I've got an idea, Ivan is willing to try it which is great!
Thanks Ivan!

Othniel Dory

Since I've worked with Ivan my publishing business has increased by 5X!
I can't wait to see my publishing going to even higher levels as we go into Q4.
This guy is the real deal.
I'm really happy that I can finally delegate the ads part of my business to somebody else.
So I can focus on higher and bigger things in my publishing business.
Ivan, you're the main driver of my success right now.
Looking forward to continuing working with you!


Transparent Pricing

Each client's needs and goals are unique so we'd like to get to know yours on a FREE Strategy Call.

We can offer most people our baseline pricing of £649 per month.

This can cover all of your books in all Amazon marketplaces.

Booking a Strategy Call is still recommended to get an accurate quote.

Also, we recommend a minimum of £800 (~$1000) per month ad budget.

A 3 months commitment to work together is expected from all new clients.

Payments can be made monthly during this period.

We look forward to working with you.


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Many external factors can affect ads performance. For example:

  • an increase in negative reviews,
  • price changes negatively affecting customer response,
  • competitors bidding high,
  • your inherent book quality,
  • and even seasonality or world events.

As such, AdsDroid cannot guarantee absolute ads performance.
We can and do guarantee having your interests as our first priority.
Our algorithm and strategy are constantly being refined in response to these external factors.
That’s why constant, regular optimization is necessary.
Less than satisfactory ads performance is an indication of flaws in the listing which should be optimized.
We can advise in this area, where necessary.
AdsDroid is confident in the data analytics side of the equation, but cannot guarantee overall ads performance.


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